A children's story about the struggle of a child that recognizes the disparity of what they are taught and what they can see.

Minimal animal illustrations printed on cards to to accompany a children's story that I wrote. Screen printed letters are embellished with letter-pressed, minimal, line drawings. Read the story below. 
My teacher's going crazy.
Or maybe she can't see.
Yesterday in class she said
That elephant starts with E
But my dad took me to the zoo
Just the other day.
And I can tell you for a fact
That elephant starts with J
And so since coming home from school
I've given it some thought:
Some things she said seem right to me
But some of them do not
Like snake she said begins with S
It's obvious that's true
Or butterfly which starts with B
She got that one right too
Sure, walrus starts with W
or is it double V?
And yeah a boxing kangaroo
Looks like a K to me
But rabbit really starts with Y
Not R (or S, or T)
And I'm not sure how penguin starts
But surely it's not P
Antelope does start with A
But only upside down
And you would be hard pressed to find
One like that in this town
Zebras can be full of Zs
Orangutans have Os
But neither of them starts with these
And neither starts with those
Knowing how each word begins  
is easy enough to see
So why my teacher won't concur
Is just a mystery
She really must have gone quite mad
Or blinder than a bat
'Cause spelling is a simple thing
A child can see that
So, what to do if teacher now
is not up to the task
of teaching children how to spell?
I think it's wise to ask
The key my friend is really this
To let her have her say
And then to let your classmates know
That elephant starts with J
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