In Fieri App

Concept for extending my interactive exhibit, IN FIERI, to be a mobile app.

From the beginning stages of creating my interactive exhibit, IN FIERI, I had the idea to make it a stand-alone mobile app. What follows are the concept screens and explanations for the basic UI/UX of the app.
While simple to control, the piece is meant to be somewhat of a learning experience. For this reason, there is no tutorial. You must play and interact with it in order to discover how it functions.
Fabricatio in fiere. Production is pending.
While the project loads, the logo appears in the center of the screen. When everything is initialized, the shapes will fade up in the background and the logo will fade out.
The default state (home screen) simply displays the piece as it runs. A tap will fade the logo on for a few seconds and reveal a thin bar near the bottom of the screen.
If you swipe up on the home screen, or tap on the small bar that appears with the logo, the controls will slide up as an overlay with the shapes still running behind.
Tapping on the squares will activate them. Tapping again will deactivate them. Each combination of squares will select a property, the name of which displays between the squares and the dial. 
When a property is selected, the dial will rotate and display the property's current value. Rotating the dial will change the value. The change will be reflected in real-time as it affects what is going on in the background.
With the controls up, you can tap on the help icon (top-right circle with question mark), or swipe right to reveal a (terse) help screen. Swipe left to return to the controls; swipe down to return to the home screen.
Or you can tap on the info icon (top-left circle with lower-case i) or swipe left to reveal information about the project. Swiping right brings you back to the controls; swiping down brings you back to the home screen.
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